Sunday, May 24, 2020

Invitation for Collaboration : Impact of Lockdown and Urbanization on Water Filter Production

The "Impact of Lockdown and Urbanization on Water Filter Production" can be one of the most important topic of research  related to water reuse in the coming decade. According to Falkenmark's Water Stress Indicator,a region is said to be water scarce if per capita water availability is less than 1700 cubic m.Again availability of water will imply not only the quantity but also the quality of water available.The water must be qualitatively suitable for consumption.Otherwise, it will not be added to water resources potential of a region.    

In the last few years due to large scale and rapid urbanization, there is an immense stress on the "available water".

Not only urbanization, recent lock-down measures are also influencing the quality of water to be changing. Although impact of urbanization will be detrimental to the environment,lock-down affects can act as beneficial to the environment.

In case of lock down citizens can not go out and pollute different bodies of surface water. But amount of water available for consumption is constant.Thus it will be interesting to see the variation in quality of water in between pre and post lock-down scenario.

Based on the surface water or ground water or waste water quality decisions may be adopted for the utilization of supplied water by recycling or reused resources of water.

Hence,the interrelationship between rate of urbanization, lock-down and quality of the surface-water will be an interesting aspect to determine.The potential of urban population in degrading the quality of water in one hand and the beneficial effect from Lock down due to CORONA is also another potential area of research which can enlighten us to determine the amount of water we have and can reclaim for reuse. The results of the study can be utilized not only for decision making by the city managers but also for the common man who want to procure a filter and based on the results he/she may take their decisions. 

If you are interested to do research in this field kindly collaborate with me by replying to this blog post.

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Edit 1 : Thanks mithan for identifying the mistake.I have corrected the threshold value.


mitthan said...

The value of 5000 cubic metres is not correct.

mitthan said...

It is 1700