Sunday, May 24, 2020

How to select your own water filter ?

How to remove pollutants from rural water ? 

A filter can be used to treat urban as well as rural water. The most common contaminants of rural surface water are impurities released from the fertilizers and pesticides used for unhindered growth of crops and plants . To know how to select a filter which can remove contaminants specific to rural water, a presentation was prepared which can be accessed from here.

How to remove pollutants from urban water ? 

If you use a filter to produce drinking water, it is better to evaluate the source of water and available types of filters before its application.This power point will show the process of selection of a filter configuration for urban water sources....Click here.

How to select the best water filter for your daily use ?

Water filter is solely responsible for maintaining the health of its consumer.There are various types of filters which is developed in combination of different types of purification materials.The type and function of the materials will decide the efficacy and cost of the arrangement.The desired type of efficacy can only be achieved if filter materials are optimally arranged.This presentation shows you how ?

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