Sunday, June 30, 2013

Research Ideas on Water Reuse

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The "Impact of Urbanization on Water Reuse Potential" and "Water Reuse Potential of Hydro-Power plant" can be two of the most important topic of research  related to water reuse.

In the first topic the urbanization impact on Water Reuse Potential(WRP) is estimated.As world wide rapid urbanization is going on, the stress on "available water" of any region is immense.Due to the uneven distribution of water resources the problem is more acute where concentration of population is high but availability of water is low.According to Falkenmark's Water Stress Indicator,a region is said to be water scarce if per capita water availability is less than 5000cubicm.

Again availability of water will imply not only the quantity but also the quality of water available.The water must be qualitatively suitable for consumption.Otherwise, it will not be added to water resources potential of a region.

Due to urbanization there is an immense stress on this "available water".That is why mitigation measures like recycling water is given a lot of importance so that this increased population can be sustained and their demand for water can be somewhat satisfied.

But amount of water available for consumption is constant.Thus the supplied water must be recycled or reused.Hence,the interrelationship between rate of urbanization and WRP will be an interesting aspect to determine.The potential of urban population in degrading the quality of water is also another potential area of research which can enlighten us to determine the amount of water we have and can reclaim for reuse,

The second topic,the potential of water reuse in a hydro power plant will help to install a zero discharge hydro power plant which will be beneficial for both water as well as energy conservation of a region.In the study one objective will be to find the amount of water available for reuse.

Another aspect will be to determine the types of use that can be carried out with the reused water.Actual potential of water reuse can be given by a weighted index of all the purposes of water reuse.Each of the purposes can be weighted with respect to each other following some Multi-Criteria Decision Making approaches.

Once the amount of the water that can be reused for specific purposes are known,it can be multiplied by the weightage of the same purpose and total of the product of weights of all the purposes and available water for that purposes can be used to determine the WRP Index of the hydropower plant.

The index can represent the exact WRP of the plant in terms of the potential of the reused water to mitigate the demand of the plant intself.