Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Importance of Coordinate Systems in GIS

The first step in developing an interactive map linked to relevant data that you want to represent is to select the coordinate system with which you want to work.The tip is if you are working in a global scale use the global coordinate systems.

If you are working within a country use the local coordinate systems.If the scale of you work is within the district/state then use cadastral maps.

A single point can be represented by x and y axis of your paper,height and width of your room or even the global coordinate systems.Each of the representation will be correct but the resolution will be effected.In x and y axis of your paper the resolution will be best,in the height and width of your room resolution will be medium and in the global axis it will be poor.

That is why there are various types of coordinate systems and they are utilized based on the spatial scale at which you are working.

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