Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ideas for your research paper

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GIS and Remote Sensing

Idea 1: Development of online information system for displaying the water quality of a canal network

Idea 2: Development of an algorithm for differentiation of transmission/distribution wires from its background

Renewable Energy

Idea 1: Selection of better renewable energy source for a small town in a semi arid region

Idea 2: Selection of a better hydro-power turbine for generation of hydro-energy from a small head stream

Irrigation Management

Idea 1: Selection of crops to be cultivated in the road side easements

Idea 2: Selection of an optimal irrigation system for a semi-arid agricultural land

Atmospheric Science

Idea 1: Prediction of wind-speed from humidity and temperature with the help of artificial neural network

Idea 2: Application of nature based algorithms in rainfall prediction from cloud cover


Idea: Feasibility analysis of fog as a source of drinking water by Fuzzy Inference System
Feature 4
Easements for cabbage cultivation ??
My Comments
Can we utilize the easements for crop cultivation and reduce the problem of land scarcity ?