Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Excel Template : Locator : Now don't loose any medicines

Goal : Help you remember where you had kept your important documents

How : Just mention the category like official or personal doc/keys/medicines etc.,the date when you first bring it to your office or home and where you keep it.You can also mention the date when you shift the place.

Now go to Locate,write whatever you can remember,category/id/name/start date/update date and find the present location.

Just remember to update this excel sheet whenever you bring something to your home/office or shift the place of something.

See Fig 1 for a Screenshot of Locator v 0.1

See Fig 2 for a Screenshot of instructions to use the Locator

See Fig 3 for a Screenshot of more instructions to use the Locator

So,download an excel template to stop losing important items.(compressed with WinRar)

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