Saturday, August 11, 2007

Best Selecion Modified

When you get confused with many options,use this tool

You need : Your Options,Some parameters

What to do : After you write your options and select your parameters rate your option with respect to the parameters(out of 10).Then click Update.

Best Selection will find your best option according to your ratings.

As the decision will be influenced by your ratings so rate neutrally and based on facts not on your opinion

Created by Mrinmoy Majumder of

For updates you can purchase the Best Selection paid version.Only $ 10

Recently I publish a new version of Best Selection .

Click here to use it as described above and give me some feedbacks

Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Excel Template : Locator : Now don't loose any medicines

Goal : Help you remember where you had kept your important documents

How : Just mention the category like official or personal doc/keys/medicines etc.,the date when you first bring it to your office or home and where you keep it.You can also mention the date when you shift the place.

Now go to Locate,write whatever you can remember,category/id/name/start date/update date and find the present location.

Just remember to update this excel sheet whenever you bring something to your home/office or shift the place of something.

See Fig 1 for a Screenshot of Locator v 0.1

See Fig 2 for a Screenshot of instructions to use the Locator

See Fig 3 for a Screenshot of more instructions to use the Locator

So,download an excel template to stop losing important items.(compressed with WinRar)

Monday, June 25, 2007

3 New Toolbars from Baipatra

And Baipatra means me. :)

First two tool bar is only for the traffic exchange members.The toolbar will help them to surf 9 traffic exchange from one single browser or tab.

Click Baipatra TG and download both of them.One will help to surf in manual exchanges and the other in Auto Surf Exchanges.

How to work with the toolbars ?

Download and install.

Then open a browser and click on the 1:1,2:1,3:1 button.A dropdown menu will crawl down .From the menu select any one exchange.Login and surf.Now open a new tab and again do the same thing.In this way you can surf minimum of 9 surfexchanges at one time(New exchanges will be added the moment they get approval from me).
After some time of surfing .Click on the button to interchange the traffic exchange within your tabs.
This will be a nice tool if you want to organize your surfing in the traffic exchanges.

The 3rd toolbar is the toolbar format of my site Baipatra.

Click here to download the toolbar(you will find the download link at the buttom of my web site).The toolbar contains info portals,wikis,chat,forums,online opportunities,business promoting tools etc.
Hope both the toolbar will help you in your work.And yes,feedbacks are most welcome.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Let me first give you the address of the websites..

Let me first give you the address of the websites from where i collect softwares/ebooks/scripts for free :

My Software Pack

My Free GiveAway

Private Lebel Right

You may think that I am doing some free advertisements of the above but the fact is you can get your scripts/software for your online business from these sites.And that also for no cost.

Each site has atleast 10 -50 products.All comes with resell rights.PLR will give you products that you can modify.So that you have lesser compitition.

All the softwares are genuine and useful.Say for example :

My Article Submitter!

"My Article Submitter" is the fastest and easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!

It's price is $47 but you get it for free.And can also resell it for real money.

You can think that the original publisher of this product has gone mad but the fact is they are more clever than we are.By making their product for free they are actually popularising their products.And thus increasing their rank in the search sites.Higher rank means higher sales.

So book mark them and download as many softwares or ebooks or scripts your computer can handle.


Recently I organize a package of useful software and ebooks.This package can help any common internet user.The package has the following products :

2.5 Mb


379.15 Kb



843.42 Kb

528.29 Kb

360.05 Kb

935.01 Kb

129.01 Kb

697.49 Kb

12.23 Kb

251.05 Kb

477.24 Kb

308.31 Kb

460 b

348.35 Kb

193.11 Kb

293.86 Kb

2.86 Mb

1.27 Mb

561.35 Kb

489.98 Kb

129.01 Kb

222.52 Kb

2.67 Mb

1016.91 Kb

This entire package is completely free for the readers of this blog.But a comment review will be appriciated.


Some interesting Facts :

4 out of 10 most downloaded softwares are security tools.(

3 out of 5 most downloaded games are of Fantasy genre(

Freeware is the most searched term in Zdnet directory


While purchasing a software always keep in mind that :

Ease of Use is a must.

Relate with your work.

Manual is necessary.

The software is versetile i.e. you can fulfil many related works with your software.(If you purchase a security tools see whether it has a spyware protections tool or not.If yes it is versatile,otherwise no)


See you next week.

Mrinmoy Majumder
Webmaster,Editor and Owner
Baipatra - Sharing Knowledge

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